Facts, Stories and Anecdotes

An exhibition celebrating 150 years of the art association Stavanger Kunstforening, which runs Kunsthall Stavanger.

As a curator I used gossip as a method to retell the complicated stories of the association as a space for exhibiting art, a place of business and a place for people to come together.

The exhibition was two-folded, with one part focusing on the historical aspect, curated by myself and Asbjørn René Josdal. Hanne Mugaas and Maya Økland curated the seco

nd part where contemporary Norwegian artists were asked to engage with the history of the art association.

In addition to the show, we co-published a catalogue where we asked what acquiring a space of its own mean for an art association. How is the question of ownership activated within an association and what meaning does it hold? When a contemporary artistic approach is applied to the archive, what sensibilities might be revealed and carried forward? If you use a personal and anecdotal approach, can it lead to historical discoveries? Have you ever tried to relay an archive during an international phone conversation – what happened?

With essays by:
Kristina Ketola Bore, Jørund Aase Falkenberg, Hanne Mugaas,
Holly Pester and Victoria Bugge Øye.

Published by Kunsthall Stavanger and Particular Facts.