Kristina Ketola Bore is a design writer, curator, educator and editor based in Oslo. She’s a co-founder of the design collaboration platform The Ventriloquist Summerschool and a sub-editor for the art journal Periskop. Currently she is also a guest curator at Kunsthall Stavanger for the project Mobilizing Citizenship, an art and educational program aimed at future adults aged 12–16, Her work investigates the social structures within and outside of design, in addition to participation and the role intersectionality and feminisms can play in the design field. These perspectives are also deployed in the act of curation, which has resulted in series of educational art programming for both youth and adults.

Kristina holds an MA in Design Writing Criticism from London College of Communiation and a BA in Fashion Promotion Journalism from London College of Fashion. Since graduating she has contributed to magazines and journals such as Domus, Dagens Næringsliv, Arkitektur N and Aftenposten K on the subjects of art, architecture and design.

She has also worked on collaborative projects with designers for over a decade, and holds a comprehensive insight into design methods and tools – in addition to a unique perspective on contemporary graphic design.

As an educator she lectures and teaches internationally, mainly on what critical thinking means for designers, with an audience of both students and professionals. A main interest is how unexpected methods for communication can create compelling experiences and challenge what it means to be in dialogue with your audience. 

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