En form for historie

The exhibition En form for historie was based on an archive of typographic materials. As a curator, I questioned what and why some ideas are often seen as objective facts, specifically concerning the perception of well-known figures and historical moments. The archive itself was discovered as Oslo National Academy of Arts was moving buildings, and contained materials such as letter correspondance between famous typographers, type specimen books and trade journals. Apart from bringing forward some of the more interesting and peculiar finds, the exhibition also sought toask how contemporary graphic design practitioners could relate themselves to their own history – inviting the audience to take on a personal approach by piecing together a booklet with stories and ideas from the archive.

The exhibtion was also accompanied by a website documenting some of the pieces in the archive, as well as a catalogue featuring interviews with Norwegian designers discussing their own relationship to history. 

> co-produced with Mats Lande, Asbjørn René Josdal and Maziar Raein at R21, Oslo. 2013.