The Ventriloquist Summerschool

i.c.w. João Doria
The Ventriloquist Summerschool is a platform founded and organised by Kristina Ketola Bore and João Doria in the city of Oslo in 2015. It usually takes the form of a one-week situation that seeks to induce a discussion about the role of voice, discourse and accountability in artistic practices, invoking graphic design as a field of mediation between diverse fields of knowledge such as visual arts, architecture, writing and music.

The summer school is free of charge and open to participants from any nation, age or occupation. Each edition consists of a set of parallel workshops, a public program and a closing event with varying formats, negotiated by the group and in response to each year’s theme (2015: Voice; 2016: Illusion). Featured tutors have included Harry Gassel, Kristian Henson, Eric Hu, Nicole Killian, Sean Kuhnke, Indrek Sirkel, Laura Pappa, Andrea Pinochet, Anu Vahtra with a public programme consisting of Jan-Robert Henriksen, Tableau Paper (Henia Gamborg Kjørsvik, Jakob Landvik and Tove Sivertsen), Susanne Winterling and Chrissel+Electra.

Alongside the summer school format, TVSS also includes a radio (The Ventriloquist Radio) and a publishing house and print studio (The Ventriloquist Press). TVSS also appears as a public conversation platform, in collaboration with institutions through fairs, talks and workshop formats aimed at considering the meaning of voice and discourse in artistic practices.